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Drain Cleaning, Water/Sewer Line Installation and Repair, & Well Pump/Tank Replacements

Drain cleaning, water/sewer line service and well pump/tank service with HB McClureDrain cleaning, water/sewer line installation and repair, and well pump/tank replacements aren’t the first things that come to mind when homeowners are thinking about preventive maintenance for their plumbing systems. Most homeowners don’t think of these things at all.

Until there’s a problem.

Sewer line back-ups, clogged drains, and well pump/tank problems can be avoided. Call HB McClure at 232-4328 for routine drain cleaning and sewer lines inspections to help prevent small issues from becoming large, expensive problems. HB McClure also provides a full range of residential water well pump service from installation to repair.

If a problem arises, HB McClure at 232-4328 for responsive, affordable, high-quality service.

Call us if:

  • Your sewer line backs up
  • Your drains constantly need to be opened
  • There is an obstruction or deterioration in your pipes
  • Trees or shrubs are causing disruptions in your sewer lines
  • Your well water system needs repaired or replaced

We can help you avoid problems with routine services such as drain cleaning. And we’re the expert you can trust when something goes wrong. Call 232-4328 or click here to request an appointment.

Contact HB McClure to schedule a Residential or Commercial estimate, service, or fuel delivery appointment.