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Ensure reliable operation of your home’s plumbing system.

Avoid plumbing emergencies and stop wasting water with a Gold Shield Plumbing Inspection from HB Home Service Team.
Receive discounts on all plumbing repairs while under plumbing agreement. Our inspections include the following services:
  • Inspect and flush sediment from tank type water heater
  • Test a water sample for hardness, iron, and pH & chlorine levels
  • Inspect proper operation of all plumbing fixtures
  • Test water pressure to confirm it is at a safe operating level for the fixtures and appliances in your home(public water)
  • Drain, flush and check air in pressure tank for well systems (if applicable)
  • Inspect all plumbing shut off valves to make sure they stop the water when you need them to
  • Dye test toilets and test fill valves for proper operation to ensure best water efficiency
  • Flood Prevention Safety Check
  • And more…

Call 717-232-4328 (Central PA) or 410-356-4016 (Baltimore Area).