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Save Money with a Healthier Alternative

Is the water in my home clean enough? If you’ve asked yourself this question, you care enough about your family’s health to think about alternatives. The truth is it doesn’t matter if you have a well or public water system; impurities may be present in your water. By reducing plumbing and appliance efficiencies and increasing energy use, these impurities are not only affecting your family’s health, they’re costing you thousands of dollars over time.

HB McClure offers a complete line of water conditioning and drinking water purification systems, and we’ll recommend the perfect system for your family’s needs.

Our Water Right Quality Water Solutions include:

Water Conditioner/Softener — Our water conditioners soften water, remove iron and manganese, and correct low pH all in a single pass. The media bed is disinfected with each regeneration. No equipment add-ons or chemical pumps are required.

Domestic Water UV light  — Our ultraviolet disinfecting systems destroy waterborne pathogenic microbes and bacteria.

Drinking Water Purification Reverse Osmosis (RO) System — Our drinking water systems provide sparkling clear water right from the tap. Units are perfect for under-sink installation. Each unit uses a 4-stage filtration system. Large particles are trapped in a micro-membrane that filters water at a molecular level. A final carbon filter provides the perfect finish for clarity and great taste.

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Compare Our Solutions:

HVAC Installation | Water Purification

New Water Purification System from HB McClure

  • Removes iron
  • Softens water
  • Self-cleaning and self-sanitizing every time the unit regenerates
  • UV light for bacteria treatment


  • No maintenance necessary by homeowner. System cleans and sanitizes automatically.
  • Add-on UV light for bacteria protection
  • Takes up little space

Original Water Purification System

  • Removes iron from water through filtration with manual chemical mixing for sanitation
  • Softens water


  • Messy and time-consuming chemical cleanup and sanitation of iron filter must be done every month
  • No bacteria protection
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • I'd like more information about Plumbing Services.

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Learn more:

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Save money with an HB McClure water treatment solution:

  • Increase water heater efficiency up to 29% (gas) or 22% (electric) by reducing scale build up
  • Eliminate hard water-related service issues in plumbing systems and other appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, etc.)
  • Prolong the life expectancy of expensive appliances and plumbing systems
  • Reduce the amount of soap or detergent needed for cleaning

Additional soft water benefits:

  • Cleaner, healthier skin and hair
  • Cleaner and softer clothes
  • Reduction of film and residue in the bathroom
  • Water has its true clean, fresh taste with no chlorine flavor or iron stains.