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Get a Comprehensive Evaluation of Your Home’s Comfort, Indoor Air Quality and Efficiency.

When you request a Home Comfort Assessment, a specially trained HB McClure Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Specialist will visit your home and perform a number of tests to identify problems that affect your indoor comfort. Through the use of specialized diagnostic instruments, your HB McClure specialist will evaluate your living environment and offer you a personalized solution to the issues found.

Benefits of a Home Comfort Assessment include:HB McClure Heating and Cooling

  • Improving whole-house comfort by identifying hidden energy leaks (windows, doors, attic, entrances, etc.)
  • Determining if the heating or cooling system you have is the right size and if it is working efficiently
  • Identifying small problems before they become large, costly ones (such as slow water leaks that lead to mold build up and structural damage)
  • Enhancing indoor air quality, thus protecting your family’s health
  • Evaluating any system air flow deficiencies and recommending corrective measures
  • Preventing an indoor air environment that is too dry or too humid
  • Saving you money on your utility bills

Equipment Inspection

HVAC Inspection

Is your heating and cooling system efficient, dependable and safe? Your HB McClure Specialist will inspect your equipment for signs of deterioration, improper installation, or insufficient maintenance and function. An evaluation of the system’s air filtration and purification efficiency will also be conducted to identify improvements that might improve your indoor air quality.

Insulation Inspection

HB McClure | Heating and Cooling Inspection

Without the proper insulation, your heating and cooling system will not perform at its best. A full insulation inspection will be conducted to see if your home meets recommended levels and if there are any hidden defects, such as hollow wall spaces, where air and heat can get around your insulation.

Blower Door Test

HB McClure | Air Quality Testing

Excessive air leakage in your home can cause uneven temperatures, wasted energy, extreme dust, cold drafts, and dry or clammy air. Or, in some cases, your home could be too airtight, which could lead to unhealthy indoor air quality. Your HB McClure Specialist uses a Blower Door Test to check your home’s air tightness and makes recommendations based on the results.

Airflow Diagnosis

HB McClure | Air Quality Inspection

Your HB McClure Specialist will check your duct system for hidden flaws or blockages that could restrict airflow or cause uneven distribution of air. Using a digital manometer, we will perform a static pressure test to determine the effectiveness of your current duct system and identify correct measures to resolve problems.

Personalized Recommendations

HVAC | HB McClure Recommendations

After the full evaluation, your HB McClure Home Comfort and Indoor Air Quality Specialist will provide a prioritized plan for suggested improvements. Many of these improvements can be performed by homeowners themselves, while others might call for a professional’s skills. Your HB McClure Specialist will supply a proposal for recommended repairs that will enhance the comfort and air quality of your home — and help you save money on your utility bills.

Download HB McClure’s Home Comfort Assessment Brochure.

Home Comfort Assesment Benefits & Overview

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