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Winter HVAC Tips

Get Your Home Winter Ready

Make your home winter ready by following these tips. 1. Keep the thermostat set to at least 50 degrees if you’re going away for the season—or just for a weekend—so the pipes don’t freeze. 2. Set ceiling fans to run…

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CFO Of The Year 2013

Hot Spot with Andy Henry, CFO

HB McClure is an employee-owned company, having become an ESOP in 2010. We believe our two biggest assets are our employee/owners and our customers. As such, we want our customers to know who we are, from top to bottom. Our new “Hot…

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Duct Cleaning By HB McClure

Duct Cleaning for a Healthier 2013

Have you been sick for longer than usual? Stuffy nose and coughing? How about allergies you never had before? What about your utility bill? Is it higher than normal? Take a look at your duct work. That’s right. Go right…

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