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Duct Cleaning by HB McClure

Have you been sick for longer than usual? Stuffy nose and coughing? How about allergies you never had before? What about your utility bill? Is it higher than normal?

Take a look at your duct work.

That’s right. Go right up to your vent and peek in. What do you see? A little mild dust and youmaybe okay. If you see a wooly sweater peeking out between the metal slats, it’s time to have

your duct work cleaned.

Not only do dirty ducts make you sick, they can also increase your monthly utility costs by up to 15%.

When it’s time for a cleaning, here’s what you should know: Consider the fact that up to 60% of your annual utility costs are related to the operation of your heating and cooling system. Dirty ductwork makes that even higher?! Yikes.

  1. Low-cost duct cleaning often means that only a few ducts are being cleaned. Or, it means that only registers and not the actual duct work is being cleaned. In short, if it’s cheap you might not be getting a service that will actually reduce the debris and unhealthy particles in your system.
  2. Duct cleaning will take a full day in most cases. It should be very quiet and it should NOT be dirty at all.
  3. Check references before you sign a contract.
  4. Make sure your contract is comprehensive before you sign. Ask about “add ons” before the project starts. What is included in the price you are being presented.

There are a lot of companies out there promoting duct cleaning services. To help you make an educated decision about price and quality, please view our photos, testimonials and videos of duct cleaning in action.

This is a valuable service. You’ll feel the benefits for years to come.