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Furnace Reset In Central PA

Easily Reset Your Heating System

Your furnace or heat pump may occasionally need to be reset due to mechanical or electrical issues. A reset can fix minor problems before they trip the circuit breaker or cause lasting damage to the system. While all major repairs…

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7 Signs Your Water Heater Is Going to Fail

Hot water is easy to take for granted — until suddenly you don’t have it. Luckily, water heaters rarely stop working without warning. That’s why it’s important not to ignore the signs your water heater is at the end of…

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5 Top Heating Options for a Basement

Homeowners have come to realize the importance of their basements. Many people have converted their basements into more productive spaces such as wine cellars, game rooms, libraries, home gyms, or extra storage. Consequently, the basement creates more space for the…

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HB McClure Webinar

Webinar: Building Automation Systems

Wednesday |October 20, 2021 | 11:00 AM (EST) Join HB McClure as they answer questions regarding their building automation system. This webinar will focus on: What is BAS? How can it help me? What are the benefits?

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Thermostatic Expansion Valve In Central PA

What Is a Thermostatic Expansion Valve?

Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) are found on large central air conditioning systems. They measure refrigerant flow, pressure, or temperature within the system to operate efficiently. TXVs can be fixed or floating type with internal capillary tubes that connect the evaporator…

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Fall Plumbing Tips In Central PA

7 Fall Plumbing Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Fall is the best time to prepare your plumbing for the winter season. As the temperatures continue to fall and the leaves change colors, it is essential to ensure that your faucets, pipes, and gutters are in good working condition.…

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