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Your furnace or heat pump may occasionally need to be reset due to mechanical or electrical issues. A reset can fix minor problems before they trip the circuit breaker or cause lasting damage to the system. While all major repairs and maintenance should be performed by a trained professional, you can reset a furnace or heat pump for small issues affecting your overall heating system performance.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are located outside the home and provide an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional furnace system. Different manufacturers will change where the reset button is located if the system has one and how it needs to be reset to restore normal power. If you’ve recently suffered from a power outage, a heat pump can often be reset just by pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds if applicable.

If there’s a more serious issue occurring with the system, start by adjusting your thermostat to its lowest setting. Turn off the power switches, which can be located on the wall nearby or on the heat pump itself. Turn off the two circuit breakers, ensuring they haven’t been tripped. Contact a professional if your heat pump breakers are tripping frequently as this could indicate a serious issue.

You can then turn everything back on in the opposite order it was turned off. Turn the circuit breakers on then the power before readjusting the thermostat.

Gas/Electrical Furnace

The electrical furnace is one of the easiest heating options to reset. Start by flipping the power switch off or turning off the circuit to the furnace. Then press the reset button until it clicks. Turn the power back on, and your electric furnace should be reset.

A gas furnace is another popular option in many American homes today. This type of furnace is reset by first lowering the thermostat. Turn the pilot and the main gas supply off. Turn off any power being used by the system. Leave the gas line open to the pilot. You can then relight the pilot and turn the power back on. Restore the main gas line and adjust the thermostat as preferred.

Oil Furnace

While many homes use electric or gas furnaces, an oil furnace is still the best option for many. After a power outage, an oil furnace can be reset easily by holding the button for about 30 seconds. If a more serious issue occurred like the fuel running out, you may have to bleed the oil first before resetting the furnace.

First, refill the fuel tank. Look for a small black box that indicates the fuel pump, which has a bleeder valve. Put a tub under the valve and let the oil run until the stream is constant with no air interruptions. Press the reset button and the furnace should start. You can then shut off the valve and pour the oil back into the tank.


Resetting your furnace can fix a range of small issues, from a lack of efficiency to small noises in the system. By following these simple steps, you can minimize the risk of tripping the circuit breaker or further damaging your system. Keeping an eye on your furnace and monitoring any strange smells, noises, or changes in performance is essential to maintaining your system.

While a furnace reset can help with small issues, contact a professional to perform regular maintenance and essential repairs. A professional can determine why a reset might not be working and why it doesn’t fix your furnace issues such as the filters being too clogged or the flame sensor/fuel line experiencing issues. An experienced technician can safely evaluate your system and save you the worry of trying to fix it yourself and potentially causing more damage.

Keep your home and your family safe by properly maintaining your furnace with effective resets and regular professional servicing.

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