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Most people don’t consider their duct system’s condition, and to be honest, ducts are easy to overlook. This is because they are found inside your walls. However, ignoring basic duct maintenance may cost you dearly in the long term.

As your HVAC system gets less efficient, your energy costs will rise, and you’ll have to compromise interior comfort. Below, we discuss five indicators of broken ductwork that you should never overlook to help you properly manage the condition of your ducts.

1. Unusually Noisy Air Conditioning and Heating

During normal operation, your air conditioning system will create some noise. You should be able to hear the system switch on and off, with air pouring out of your venting. Aside from those sounds, any additional noises made by your HVAC system are abnormal.

If you hear vibrating or rattling noises from behind your walls, it’s most likely due to faulty ductwork. If there are gaps through which air may escape, it might cause odd noises as it moves through the ductwork. Similarly, if the connection joints connecting ducting become broken, air moving through such places might generate noise.

If you’ve observed a sudden or steady rise in the amount of sound your HVAC system generates, schedule a ductwork check with a heating and conditioning specialist. The sooner you get the problem diagnosed, the better. Ignoring it will just make it worse.

2. Rising Energy Bills

Every region has seasons when energy prices skyrocket. However, if your power bill seems to be unnaturally high while the rest of your HVAC looks to be in functioning order, leaking or broken air ducting might be the cause.

Heated or cooled air circulates through your home’s ducting, and if the ductwork was not properly designed or if there is leakage, most of that energy can escape. Because your central air conditioner needs to work harder to attain the target temperature, more power is spent. If your air conditioning expenditures suddenly skyrocket, contact a professional HVAC contractor to examine the ductwork for damage or improper installation.

3. Uneven Cooling and Heating

Have you noticed that any of your home’s rooms are particularly cool or warm? Uneven cooling and heating is a frequent symptom of ducting deterioration. When ducts are torn or joints are not correctly sealed, conditioned air seeps out and cannot reach its intended destination.

As a result, you may get a room that appears to be at a different temperature from the rest of your home. Schedule a ductwork examination with a heating and conditioning technician if you’ve noticed that certain portions of your house don’t feel the same as others temperature-wise.

You may need to upgrade your ductwork, or if you’re lucky, you may only need a routine duct cleaning to fix the problem.

4. Excess Dust

If you’ve observed an increase in the quantity of dust in your house, it might be the consequence of an air ducting leakage. Air ducts are frequently installed in unconditioned areas of your house, such as attics and crawl spaces. Dust will enter the unit and be disseminated throughout your house if a ductwork leak occurs in a dusty attic or crawl area.

Aside from the unpleasant look of dust on most of your furnishings, another issue with it is that dust has a bad influence on your property’s indoor air quality. Environmental toxins can be found in dust that gathers and settles in crawl spaces and is then dispersed throughout your house by an air duct leakage. Keep your ducts sealed and your crawl spaces clean and dust-free to avoid this.

5. Poor Air Circulation

Reduced airflow in your HVAC system might be caused by a ducting issue such as a fracture, split, or broken seal. There is less air entering the damaged vent. Air circulation can be restricted by crushed or disconnected vents as well as by debris or another obstruction. Inadequately built ductwork with insufficient return registers can also hinder air recirculation.

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