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Propane Providers are all the same...right? Wrong.Whether you’re the new owner of a house that heats with propane or you just happen to be switching companies, there’s a lot that goes into making an informed choice about propane providers.

When choosing a propane provider, the first thing most people consider is the price. However, price is not the only factor that should determine which provider you choose! After all, price per gallon changes often, and it varies only slightly from provider to provider in any given area. You’ll need to dig a little deeper to find a capable and trustworthy propane provider for your home.

Here are the factors that you should think about when considering propane providers:

  1. Automatic Delivery Options. Some providers have a propane delivery schedule and will automatically bring propane to your home based on this calendar. Others don’t—you’ll have to call them when you need propane. This means that if you run out of propane, you’re responsible! As a busy homeowner, you don’t need this added stress. Choose a provider that offers an automatic delivery option!
  1. As a paying customer, the last thing you want is for your service to be interrupted due to a scheduling or delivery issue. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous in the winter.

Be sure to consider propane providers that have a reputation for reliability; often, locally-owned propane providers are the most reliable option, as they are familiar with your area and are a part of your community. But no matter which companies you’re considering, the best way to evaluate their reliability is to ask for references and testimonials, or visit a trusted website to read online reviews. Find out from real customers how the provider handles delivery, service, and safety.

  1. Some propane providers do just that—provide propane. They don’t offer any services or additional plans to help you, as the homeowner, heat and fuel your home. Determine how much service your home will require, and then choose a provider that can offer these services to you. Always look for tank maintenance, service for other propane appliances, heating and electrical service plans, and emergency services. If your system malfunctions, you’ll be happy you did!
  1. Tank Ownership. In order to make money, most companies charge rent on the tanks they provide for their customers. Homeowners do have the ability, however, to buy and own their own tank. Both options have benefits and disadvantages—your goal should be to decide which option works best for you.

If you choose to rent a tank, you will pay a regular rental fee. You should compare rent payments to be sure that your provider is being reasonable, and find out how they handle changing tanks between propane companies. Renting does, however, ensure that a professional will take care of servicing, replacing, and discarding of your tank. This takes the pressure and responsibility off of you as the homeowner.

By purchasing and owning your tank, you can avoid a regular rental fee and most likely save money in the long run. However, some providers will charge you an extra fee in order to service a tank that they don’t own. Find out how your prospective providers deal with tank ownership before purchasing a tank.

  1. Payment Options. Every propane provider handles payment differently—some require that you fill out a credit application, while others don’t; some will only take certain credit cards, while others prefer customers who pay with cash; some won’t take online payments, while others rely solely on virtual transactions. It’s up to each provider to decide how they want to handle payment, but you should choose a company that works best for you and your finances. Always look for flexible payment plans.

Once you’ve determined what you need from a propane provider, the choice becomes much simpler! Choose a provider that you know you can trust and build a relationship with.

HB McClure is a locally-owned company that offers uninterrupted propane delivery, free tank installation, 24/7 emergency service, and price protection plans. We provide propane and service to homes in Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dillsburg, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Mechanicsburg, Middletown, New Cumberland, York, and surrounding Central Pennsylvania areas. If you have questions about choosing a propane provider or want to find out how propane can benefit your home, call us at 717 – 232 – 4328 or request an appointment online.