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Your heating and cooling system plays a crucial role in your home, so when it’s time for an HVAC replacement, you have to do your homework.

No matter what kind of system you’re considering, it needs to fulfill two duties: Keeping your family as comfortable as possible while also keeping your bills low. Luckily, choosing a system that does both of these things can be as easy as asking the right questions.

Ask your HVAC contractor the following questions and you’ll be on the right track to a new installation that’s perfect for your home:

  1. What size system do I need? Your current system’s specifications may not actually be the most efficient for your home. Have the contractor inspect the duct system before he or she matches it with a new heating and cooling system to be sure that your new equipment doesn’t work harder than it has to.
  2. Can the new equipment fit where my other system was? Keep the size of your space in mind and choose your new system accordingly. Unless you absolutely have to, you should avoid having to do major construction to make room for the new system.
  3. What is covered under warranty with a new system? Before settling on a system, find out what kind of warranty it has. The terms should last for more than a couple of years, cover crucial parts, and should clearly state the circumstances under which the warranty will be voided.
  4. What equipment do you recommend, and why? HVAC contractors are not only experts in their field – they’re also experienced. After performing installations in many different homes for years, they’ll be able to make an educated recommendation about what will work best in your home!
  5. Does the HVAC company have a service plan to maintain and protect my system? Your HVAC company shouldn’t abandon you as soon as the installation is complete. Find out what services they offer! HB McClure offers preventive maintenance as well as comfort agreements with our Gold Shield Plans.
  6. How efficient will my new HVAC system be? It is important to consider more than just the face-value price when weighing your options. Ask about and consider factors such as lifetime operating costs, SEER rating, filter types, and more when choosing a new system.
  7. What payment options are available? Find out what kind of payment and financing plans your HVAC company offers. It’s important to be aware of these options from the very beginning of the process.
  8. What filter types are offered? Some systems offer disposable and washable varieties, and some, like HEPA filters, can improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health.
  9. Are there any special offers or rebates that I can claim? From tax and utility rebates to special equipment discounts, your HVAC contractor will be able to tell you if you qualify for any money-saving offers.
  10. Are there new technologies I should consider? Renewable energy, geothermal, and electric are more affordable than ever before. There are advancements in size, sound, efficiency, zoning, and more that should be considered when choosing the HVAC system that best fits your needs.

At HB McClure, all of our heating and cooling contractors are happy to guide you through the installation process and answer any questions that you may have. We complete residential HVAC installations in Camp Hill, Carlisle, Dillsburg, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Mechanicsburg, Middletown, New Cumberland, York, and surrounding Central Pennsylvania areas. Call us at 717 – 232 – 4328 or request an appointment online.