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Whether you’ve recently finished school or are looking for a career change, starting a career as an HVAC technician is a great option with plenty of benefits. It is a career path that requires specialization and certifications, but many HVAC companies offer training to new hires, some of which is even done on-site at the company.

Plenty of employment opportunities

Every year, the need for HVAC technicians has increased and is estimated to grow 21 percent through 2022. We’re already experiencing a shortage of technicians, so there are guaranteed to be jobs in the upcoming years. 

Enhance your problem-solving skills

As an HVAC technician, you can practice and improve your problem-solving skills. You’ll work on a variety of systems with different issues and it’s up to you to work toward a solution with every service.

Working in the HVAC industry is more technical in nature. You’ll learn how to work with complex systems and understand the importance of staying detail-oriented. HVAC technicians work closely with their company and customers to find solutions to heating and cooling issues. On a service call, technicians must be able to evaluate and work through problems to find solutions to issues with any device.

Great benefits

There are HVAC companies out there that offer competitive benefits. Since competition is high in order to recruit the best employees, companies offer good benefit packages. For example, HB McClure, offers great health insurance, a 401k retirement plan, a structured bonus program, and training and apprenticeship opportunities.

Exciting companies to work for

There is a fair amount of competition between HVAC companies to find quality employees. Because of this competition, many businesses have created positive, employee-centric company cultures. In addition to benefits, some companies offer the ability to engage with community fundraising and company-sponsored family events. On our employment page, you can find some great current positions, like a Project Administrator in Harrisburg for our Commercial Construction division or a Residential Apprentice in Harrisburg. There are many other positions as well, such as working in an administrative role, in our warehouse, or in our commercial or residential services divisions.

If you’re seriously considering pursuing a career as an HVAC technician and want to learn more about the benefits, visit HB McClure’s site and see how they can help: