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If your home, or business, is heated by a boiler which has been less than efficient lately, you may consider replacing your old boiler unit. There are several different types of boilers in use today and having your boiler serviced or replaced by a professional is a must. An experienced technician makes all the difference in the installation of your new unit and the efficiency of heating your home or business.

HB McClure Home Service Team has been servicing boilers in the greater Randallstown and Baltimore area for more than 33 years. With knowledgeable heating professionals and 24-hour emergency service, HB McClure Home Service Team is available for all of your heating needs.

Here in the Baltimore County area, many homes, offices, and multi-family dwellings use boilers as their source of heat in the winter. In fact, boilers have remained the most popular and dependable heating system in the country for decades. However, the cold Randallstown temperatures can tax even the most dependable heater and you may not notice your trusty boiler is in need of repair or replacement until it’s too late. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid a potential catastrophe for yourself, your family, your employees, or your tenant.

Judging the Efficiency of your Furnace

Replacing your gas furnace can be a costly investment. However, when operating an inefficient, older unit, you may not realize how much money you could be wasting in fuel costs alone. Government regulations and consumer demands have ensured that the new gas furnaces manufactured today are absolutely the most efficient and money-saving models to date. While your initial investment in a new gas furnace may seem expensive, you’ll see the payoff immediately in your monthly heating bills. A new, more efficient furnace can cut your heating costs up to 20 percent with your next bill.

By contacting a professional, experienced in gas furnace replacement, you can get an idea of your unit’s efficiency. The technicians at HB McClure Home Service Team are skilled in the area of furnace repair and replacement and can offer knowledgeable advice before you make an investment in a new gas furnace.

Signs You Need to Replace your Boiler

Whether your heating system has been predictable or not, you can benefit from doing an assessment of your boiler, pipes, and vents. Knowing what to look for is key in avoiding a major expense. Calling a professional at the first sign of any irregularities can save you money and headaches.

Leaks are the most common reason for service calls on boilers. Although occasional leaks are fairly common as a fair amount of water passes through your heating system, more frequent leaks can indicate your boiler is beginning to fail. Call a professional technician of you to notice more frequent leaks or larger amounts of water.

Rust and scaling around the pipes leading to and from your boiler unit can indicate less obvious signs of leakage. As your boiler ages, you’ll notice a rapid decline in its efficiency. Although you could have a faulty pipe, if you notice more than one area of scaling and rust, it’s likely your boiler that’s failing.

Noises coming from your boiler are not uncommon. Every heating system “sings” its own song and after a while, you recognize the noises as part of the normal operation of your boiler. If you begin hearing different noises, such as clanging and clanking, vibrations, or grinding, this is an indication that your boiler needs replaced. Address the problem right away by calling a professional technician before your heat goes out and leaves you in the cold.

The age of your boiler can be a good reason to replace your unit. Just like an automobile, as your boiler ages, repairs become more frequent and predictable. There comes a point when you need to make the call to replace the old boiler with a new one, rather than continuing costly repairs.

You should also consider replacing your old boiler with a new one based on energy efficiency. The newer models require less fuel and offer a more thorough method of heating your home or business. If your current boiler is more than 20 years old, you could realize the savings immediately, making your initial investment worthwhile over the long run.

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