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When it comes to boiler service and maintenance, having high standards for workmanship is just as important as having high standards for the performance of the boiler itself. One potential cause of boiler failure is under-skilled repair, so choosing the right service provider to maintain and repair your boiler properly is imperative to protect the life of the boiler and, more importantly, to help ensure its safe operation.

While some HVAC contractors are knowledgeable about installing and servicing boilers, others can offer a higher level of expertise. One way to evaluate this level of expertise is to ask if the company holds an R Certificate of Authorization from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. The R Certificate, also referred to as an R Stamp because of the actual stamp that symbolizes the certification, means service technicians have demonstrated they can safely repair pressure vessels including boilers that operate above 15 psig. The certification can include field repairs, shop repairs, or both, and it can also include alterations and design work.

To receive an R Certificate and its associated R Stamp, a company must outline all of its repair procedures in a written Quality System that complies with the National Board Inspection Code. The Quality System must describe the work in detail and explain how it will be controlled, and it must include a system for documenting all repairs and maintaining records on file. The company must also maintain an inspection agreement with an Authorized Inspection Agency. Once the Quality System is submitted to the National Board, technicians must demonstrate their ability to perform the repairs according to strict Board standards. The certificate is awarded only after the Quality System is approved and the demonstration is successfully completed.

Typically, once a company goes through the rigorous certification process, it will continue to maintain the certificate by submitting to a reevaluation and certification renewal every three years. The commitment required to achieve R Stamp status is an important distinction that can help you separate a service provider from its competitors, as it demonstrates a clear commitment to quality and safety in boiler service and repair.

To learn more about HB McClure’s R Certificate of Authorization, visit Commercial Boiler Service. HB McClure has maintained its R Certificate since 2015.