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HB McClure Healthy Buildings Assessment

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen and our communities move toward a sense of normalcy, we understand that providing a safe, healthy work environment for your employees to return to is your number one priority. HB McClure has designed a program to provide your greatest asset, your employees, peace of mind as you welcome them back to the office. The program will help identify potential areas of concern within your building centered around indoor air quality, mechanical and plumbing system review, and overall general building condition, and ensure that your office is a healthy building.

Our program includes:

  • Building assessment completed by our engineering staff
  • Customized report on walkthrough findings
  • Engineered solutions specific to meet your needs

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HVAC Solutions

Increase filtration ratings of air filters

  • Option 1: Replace filters in existing units with new ones rated up to MERV 13 (standard pleated filters are MERV 8, spun fiberglass filters are only MERV 4 or lower). This is the best filtration available for most conventional filter racks. The added pressure drop should be evaluated on systems with marginal fan performance.
  • Option 2: Add HEPA filtration (better than MERV 13) for part of the return air with a dedicated unit and fan. This is the best type of filter available. This adds no additional pressure drop, but it does not filter all of the return air.

Adjust fan settings

  • Turn on HVAC fans continuously during occupied hours to bring in outdoor air and to run indoor recirculated air through the filters.
  • Dilution and filtration are some of the best things we can do to improve indoor air quality.

Bipolar Ionization

  • Bipolar Ionization creates positively and negatively charged ions that breakdown bacteria, viruses and other contaminants in the air.
  • It produces no ozone
  • Unlike UV technology, the ions continue through the ductwork and interact with the contaminants in the space instead of just what is in the unit.

Increase Outdoor Air

  • This allows for dilution of contaminants
  • Temporarily disable CO2 demand-controlled ventilation or decrease the CO2 PPM setpoints. Right now, increased dilution of potential contaminants is more pressing than energy savings.
  • Add Energy Recovery Ventilators to increase the outdoor air without needing to increase air conditioning tonnage.
  • Consider adding dehumidification and humidification, as increasing outdoor air can require these changes. Humidification reduces the life of bacteria and viruses while dehumidification reduces mold growth.

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HB McClure Comnmercial Plumbing

Plumbing Solutions

Reduce touching of shared surfaces

  • Touchless lavatory faucets
  • Automatic flush valves for toilets and urinals
  • Additional handwashing locations


Electrical Solutions

Eliminate light switches

  • Motion sensor lighting

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HB McClure Worker

By working with a trusted company like HB McClure, you can keep a clean atmosphere and minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other viruses among your employees and customers.

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