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Geothermal for Your Business

Business owners choose geothermal when they want to reduce operating costs associated with an older heating and cooling system and enjoy the many benefits of “green” technology (including tax incentives).

Many businesses turn to geothermal for financial reasons. Short-term paybacks, long-term reductions in operating costs associated with heating/cooling and even tax incentives for installation are all ways that businesses save when geothermal is used as a primary heating/cooling source.

Owners always choose HB McClure because of our experience and reputation.

With more than one million square feet successfully installed and more than 30 years of experience in geothermal heat pumps for commercial applications, HB McClure’s experience is unparalleled in Central Pennsylvania.

HB McClure also knows how to couple geothermal heat pumps with other energy-efficient systems such as Energy Recovery Ventilators, Building Automation Systems, In-Floor Radiant Heating and more.

Read about our recent installation with annual heating/cooling costs as low as $0.90 per square foot.

Geothermal for Retrofits

If you are not engaged in new construction, can you still install a geothermal heating and cooling system at your facility? Yes!

HB McClure is experienced at helping companies replace inefficient, traditional heating/cooling systems with high-efficiency geothermal systems. HB can identify and access a geothermal source and install the necessary new mechanical equipment.

HB knows that all buildings are different (structure, location, use, etc.). We are uniquely qualified to assess your needs and recommend and install the right solution.

To learn more, call our Commercial Installation Team at 717-232-4328 or click here to send an email.