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Water Purification for Business

Soft or “purified” water at home makes sense. It’s easier on your appliances, saves money on detergents and just plain feels better. Why does your business need to worry about water purification?

Hard water takes a toll on your commercial heating and cooling system, resulting in more service calls and associated expenses. Untreated water can also contain minerals and compounds that can actually make you and your employees sick.

From restaurants to office buildings to pharmaceutical plants and warehouses, water purification systems are solutions that can save money and improve overall employee health. HB McClure has experience in a wide range of industries, with companies large and small.

To learn more, call our Commercial Installation Team at 717-232-4328 or click here to send an email.

HB McClure is a Water-Right Water Quality Solutions Dealer/Installer. For more information about why we choose Water-Right, call 717-232-4328.

Did you know?

63% of HB McClure’s business is commercial in nature? We are more than a residential HVAC contractor or home heating oil supplier for Central Pennsylvanians. We help businesses reduce operating costs and maintain efficient, healthy buildings!