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As with most technologies, air conditioners are constantly being redesigned and improved upon. This is why ACs that are built today are far superior to their older counterparts in a number of ways. Here are some of the differences you’ll notice if you’re upgrading your AC from an older model.

1. Modern AC Units Are Sleeker and Smaller

AC Units have improved in a lot of ways over the past few decades, but one of the most noticeable is in their aesthetic design. Gone are the days of large, clunky AC units. Most modern ACs are sleek and small, intended to blend in with their surroundings rather than dominate a space through their sheer bulk.

2. They’re More Environmentally Friendly

Modern AC units no longer use R-22, a refrigerant that is being phased out by the government due to its ozone-destroying qualities. The refrigerant that new AC units use works better and are less likely to damage our atmosphere. On top of this major change, modern AC units are generally built to be more energy efficient than their older counterparts. This saves you money on energy bills and keeps CO2 out of the air.

3. You Have More Options Now

Wish that your family members could each have rooms at the temperatures they desire so that you can all stop fighting over the thermostat? No problem. Just get a few ductless mini-split AC units. Want an air conditioner that can also work as a heater in the winter? You can find one at HB McClure. With advanced technology comes infinitely more customizable opportunities. It’s for that reason that you’re much more likely to find your perfect AC unit now than 10 years ago.

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