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HB Home Service Team has been helping the residents of Harrisburg and central Pennsylvania keep their homes comfortable for more than a century. Our highly-trained technicians have a comprehensive knowledge of home cooling equipment. They understand that the best value comes when your equipment is running at the highest efficiency possible. The telltale signs of proper operation are easy to spot if you pay attention.

Normal Utility Bills
It takes energy any time that you change the temperature of your home. Standard air conditioners run on electricity, so you can get a sense of your system’s efficiency from your utility bill. If your system is running properly, your bill should keep pace with the cost of electricity.

This method is not perfect because summer temperatures vary from year to year. A heatwave will increase your energy costs. However, if you notice your bill is unexpectedly high without an explanation, you may want to have an expert look at your system. Our team can help you with any necessary repairs.

Consistent Home Temperature
A well-functioning system will keep your home at a constant temperature. For consistency and efficiency, it is best not to mess with your thermostat settings. It takes less energy to stay at one temperature than to come down from a higher level.

You can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by closing off unused rooms. This practice will minimize the amount of work the equipment must perform. When the system does not work as hard, it will lower your energy costs.

Unit Is not Running Constantly
When everything operates as it should, you probably do not pay much attention to your AC. If the system is loud enough for you to notice, it may be time for a repair call. If you were to listen to an air conditioner under normal conditions, you would hear it cycle on and off a few times each hour. It might have an extra cooling cycle during the warmest part of the day.

If your unit never turns off, it may mean that you are trying to keep your home too cold. An air conditioner can only do so much during the hottest part of the summer.

Constant operation can also be a sign of lost efficiency. This condition may indicate the need for a tune-up from our professional technicians.

Age of the Equipment
A younger system is a more efficient system. If your equipment is less than 10 years old, it should be in decent shape to maintain your comfort with routine care. Because cooling technology improves each year, younger systems will have the advantage of advanced features. Older systems are also prone to unexpected breakdowns and lower performance.

When it is time to replace an aging air conditioner, HB Home Service Team can help. Our experts can guide you as you choose the right equipment from our selection of Carrier and Lennox products. You will see a great increase in efficiency with a new AC.

Simple Steps for Better Performance
Unblocked airflow improves the performance of your cooling equipment. As a homeowner, there are two areas where you can have the greatest impact. During the cooling season, check the area around the condenser unit that sits outdoors. Fallen branches or uncontrolled plant growth can block the air intake and make your system work harder.

Indoors, an air filter protects your home climate equipment from impurities like dust and hair. These substances will build up over time and clog the filter. In a normal home, we suggest changing it at least every three months. If you have shedding pets, you may need to swap out the filter more frequently.

Regular Maintenance for Improved Efficiency
Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioner helps you get the best return on your home cooling investment. Systems that receive professional care run better and last longer. When you schedule an annual tune-up with HB Home Service Team, our technicians will inspect your equipment for signs of wear and tear. They will clean the condenser and check all the electrical connections. You can relax knowing that your air conditioner is ready for the summer ahead.

Working With the Right AC Partner
If you are uncertain about the efficiency of your conditioner, HB Home Service Team is ready to help. We are the crew that central Pennsylvania relies on for quality AC installation, maintenance and repair. Our team can also help with heating systems, plumbing and propane and fuel oil delivery. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your home comfortable throughout the year.