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If you have a propane system for your furnace or other appliances, making sure you’re prepared for the winter months is important for your peace of mind. Dependable delivery and propane system care are important factors that can keep you and your family safe and warm all season long. To make sure you’re ready for winter, follow these simple guidelines.

Choose a reputable, dependable propane provider. Your provider should be well-established and have a good reputation for timely delivery, especially in an emergency during the winter months. Ask friends and neighbors in your area to recommend a trustworthy provider.

Opt for automatic delivery. Your propane provider can accurately calculate and predict your approximate propane usage based on historical records, size and number of propane appliances, and average daily temperatures to determine a delivery schedule that ensures you always have a ready supply. This option removes the worry of running out and requires no action on your part to make sure your propane tank stays full.

Keep the path to your tank clear of snow and obstacles. Keeping the pathway clear allows your propane delivery person to quickly and easily get to your tank. This is particularly important during times of heavy snowfall when travel time is slower and your provider is working hard to maintain a timely delivery schedule.

If you know serious winter weather is coming, check the supply level on your propane tank, especially if you are not an automatic delivery customer and it’s up to you to keep your tank full. Calling in advance of your need instead of waiting until you completely run out in the middle of a snow storm will help ensure the heat stays on.

If there’s a snow emergency and your supply is running low, conserve your supply by lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat and limiting your use of propane appliances. This will help your supply last longer and provide additional time for your propane provider to make a delivery.

When you need a reliable propane provider, call HB Home Service Team. We offer dependable propane delivery as well as propane system service, so you can rest assured that your entire propane system operates safely and dependably.

Learn more about our propane services or call HB Home Service Team at 717-232-4328. You can also request an appointment online.