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A water conditioning system can take out extra calcium and magnesium ions, and add sodium or potassium ions, which can help prevent the problems that are caused by hard water. You can find out if you have hard water by contacting your local utility company, but if you notice these signs, you may need a water conditioning system.

Signs Your Home Needs a Water Conditioning System

You Notice a Buildup
If you have limescale on your appliances, you may have hard water. Mineral deposits will build up in coffee pots, tea kettles, and within pipes. With clogged pipes, the water can’t pass as easily. Water softeners can help reduce the buildup.

Skin and Hair Are Dry
Hard water may cause itchy or dry skin, because of the extra calcium and magnesium in it. When the water can’t remove the minerals that settle on your skin, it can cause a buildup, which can make the skin feel dry and rough.

Clothes Look Gray or Faded
If your clothes or sheets are faded, this can be a sign you need softer water. Clothes can also be scratchy because of the extra mineral content in the water. Adding vinegar can help, but to improve the quality of laundry, it’s best to make sure there is a water softener installed.

Stains on Sinks and Bathtubs
When the water evaporates, it can leave behind the mineral residue. If you notice these stains in the tub or faucet, you can remove them with vinegar. However, a water softener is the best way to permanently remove these stains.

Water Bill is High
Water usage goes up when there is hard water because the pipes have to work harder to let the water flow through.

Glassware Is Brittle and Breaks Easily
Not only is getting rid of hard water stains on your glassware a pain, but the hard water also makes the glassware more prone to breaking. You can soak your glassware in water and vinegar to get rid of the stains, but the water conditioning system will help this issue.

Constant Plumbing Issues
Steel pipes are more susceptible to damage from hard water, so if you have constant plumbing issues and are always in need of a repair, consider a system.

While there are some fixes for hard water, the best way to get rid of hard water is with a water softener.

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