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All homes should have carbon monoxide detector to protect you and anyone else inside from this deadly gas. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, so you can’t rely on your senses to know when it’s polluting your home. It can come from a wide range of sources that you may not be aware of.

Carbon Monoxide Is an Odorless Gas

People aren’t able to detect carbon monoxide until they have already fallen ill and call in an expert to check for dangerous gases in their home. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be mistaken as other illnesses like the flu. Not everyone will experience symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. This gas has the potential to kill you, so it’s necessary to have a high-quality carbon monoxide detector installed in your home.

Infants, Elderly and Sensitive People Are at a Greater Risk

People who have an illness or who are sensitive are at greater risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as well as babies and the elderly. Low levels of carbon monoxide are more damaging to them than adults who are relatively healthy and not sensitive. For this reason, we urge you to choose a carbon monoxide detector that alerts you to low levels of carbon monoxide. Even if no one in your family is in a high-risk category, you may have guests over who are.

In the Harrisburg, PA area, HB McClure Company sells the NSI’s Professional Grade Low-level Carbon Monoxide Detector, which is a carbon monoxide detector that provides the most protection for people in your home. It detects low levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Comes from Many Sources

Even if you think you don’t have any items in your home that release carbon monoxide, this gas comes from many unexpected sources. There’s a good chance your home is exposed to carbon monoxide or at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In your heating system, if the heat exchanger cracks or breaks, it can leak carbon monoxide into your home.

Do you ever run the car while it’s in the garage? This is another way your home is exposed to carbon monoxide. Other sources of carbon monoxide include generators even while they’re being used outside, gas heaters, furnaces, oil furnaces, space heaters, gas stoves, gas lines, grills, hot water heaters that use propane or natural gas, and dryers that use propane or natural gas.

HB McClure Company offers a wide range of services for the Harrisburg area, including heating, cooling, bathroom remodeling, water purification, duct cleaning, and plumbing. We sell environmentally friendly HVAC products and items that improve the safety of your home. We also have the skills to work on both residential and commercial buildings. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and products.