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As the cold temperatures are approaching quickly, families are rushing to make sure that their heating systems are going to work well when they are needed most. This means testing the furnace to make sure that the system can heat the home quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell if the furnace is still working well. When should a furnace be replaced? Do families need to do this before it gets too cold outside?

A Rising Heating Bill is the First Sign

For many families, the first sign that there is something wrong with their heating system is a heating bill that starts to rise. For families that are using a natural gas furnace, this is going to be a rising gas bill. If the furnace is an electrical furnace, this will be reflected in a rising electric bill. If the utility bills are rising, this is a sign that something is wrong with the furnace.

A Strange Smell in the Home

Another sign that families need to watch for is a strange smell in the home. Furnaces have filters that are needed to remove the particles from the air. If the furnace isn’t working properly, these filters might not be working properly either. This means that these particles could enter the air. People might notice strange smells, more coughing, and irritated nasal passages.

What is Available on the Market?

Families also need to think about what is available on the market. In some cases, the furnace might still be working but something better could be available. If families are looking to lower their utility bills, heat their home in a more efficient manner, or upgrade their heating system, it might be time to replace the older furnace.

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Families that are located in the Harrisburg or Hershey, PA area should reach out to HB McClure Heating and Cooling today to learn more. There are lots of furnace options available and families should trust our professionals with all of their heating repair, heating installation, and HVAC maintenance needs. Call 717-232-4328 today to make an appointment! Make sure that those heating systems are working at top level before the cold weather hits!