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The electricity in your home operates behind the scenes. It’s set up inside your home’s walls to provide you with one of the greatest and most taken-for-granted amenities. However, the National Fire Protection Association reports that home fires due to electrical issues are the most common cause of property damage in the United States. This means that it’s important to have an electrical safety inspection from a conscientious professional company to keep you and your family safe.

How Often Should You Have an Electrical Inspection?

Several factors determine the optimal frequency of electrical inspections. At HB McClure, we recommend that you have a thorough electrical inspection when you purchase a home. In addition to this, homes that are 40 years old or more should have electrical safety inspections annually. If you purchase a new large appliance, it’s a good idea to have your electrical system assessed. You should also have a new assessment performed during major home renovations.

What Happens During an Electrical Home Inspection?

When a technician examines your home’s electrical system, he or she will complete a complete examination of your entire electrical system to make sure that all electrical wiring, components, and appliances abide by legal safety standards. Electricians operate under the National Electrical Code, or NEC when assessing a home’s electrical system. This code defines the limits that determine our country’s minimum standards. Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will send you a detailed and prioritized checklist that features the areas of your home that require attention. It will also give you improvement recommendations and details about where you should make upgrades. An inspection may even uncover ways that you can save on energy costs.

An Ounce of Prevention

An electrical home inspection provides peace of mind by determining whether your home has outdated wiring or common wiring mistakes that were performed by contractors or your home’s previous owners. Electrical inspections can find and locate problems before they have a chance to put you at risk. Contact us at HB McClure if you have any questions about a home electrical inspection in Harrisburg. In addition to electrical work, our firm provides professional assistance with heating, cooling, water purification and more.