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Broken Water HeaterConstantly clogging sinks, overflowing toilets, water leaks—there are some situations where bringing in a plumber is an easy decision. But you obviously want to make sure the plumber you hire is going to do you right. The last thing you want is someone who is going to make things worse or leave you regretting your decision.

How to Choose a Plumber

You rely on your plumber to help with some of the true necessities in a modern home, including a functional toilet, water heater, and faucet. It only makes sense to verify that the plumber you hire is well-qualified.

Does the Plumber have a License?

It can seem like an obvious question, but it is one you definitely need to ask. Most states require plumbers to be licensed before they can practice.

What about Insurance?

Even the best plumbers make mistakes. Things can go wrong even when the plumber does everything right as well. When something in your home is damaged, you don’t want to have to rely on the plumber to pay for it out of pocket. A plumber with insurance is going to have no problem covering the expenses if damage is done.

Cost of Repairs?

Many plumbing companies will have standard rates for basic services, but there are definitely situations where the plumber will need to make an estimate on what repairs will cost. You should know exactly what they plan to charge before you agree to let them begin work. An experienced plumber will know how to give a relatively accurate estimate. You should really bring in at least three different plumbers to get estimates if you want a full picture on what the going rate is for your repair.

How Long Has the Plumbing Company been in Business?

Experience is a good thing when it comes to plumbing. You should find out how much experience the plumbing company has and how much experience their plumbers have. You can definitely get good work from a newer plumber, but it can be helpful when that plumber has a more experienced professional to speak with when challenges arise.

Get the Best in the Business

At HB McClure, we make it easy to choose a plumber you can rely on. Our team is experienced and offers the quality of work you want and need. Please contact us at 717-232-4328 to learn more.