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These days, energy efficiency means everything. This is especially true when it comes to home heating systems. After all, using this equipment accounts for nearly half of the typical household’s heating bill. If you’re currently in the market for a new heater, finding one that provides optimum comfort and safety without breaking the bank is a must. Here are several things to remember as you consider your options.

The Layout of Your Home
Whether you’ve recently purchased pre-existing construction or have just bought a brand new house, the building is likely set up to accommodate a specific heating type. Many new homes have radiant floor heating. Others are set up for natural gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces, or electric furnaces. You may have an older home that has a boiler or radiators and pipes to support it. If the accommodations that have already been made for your heater take up a considerable amount of space, are difficult to remove or are costly to retrofit or upgrade, you may want to stick with the existing heater type.

Your Budget
As a general rule, you’ll find that the most efficient heating systems come at a slightly higher than average cost. The good news is that although you’ll pay a bit more cash upfront for a high-efficiency heater, you’ll start recognizing significant savings right away. Options like radiant floor heating and geothermal heat pumps can pay for themselves in seemingly no time at all. Best of all, features like these add to the value and overall appeal of properties. A fast-increasing number of homebuyers are looking for efficient heating systems and thus, if your house has one, you certainly won’t have a hard time selling.

It’s additionally important to note that investing in a high-efficiency heater isn’t just about saving money on your home energy bills. This is a decision that will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Warming your home up each winter will have a far lesser impact on the natural environment, and it will give you greater peace of mind.

Indoor Air Quality
Irrespective of how they’re powered, forced air heating systems sometimes create indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns, especially if they aren’t well-maintained. If you choose to rely on geothermal heating, you won’t have to worry as much about accumulated dirt, dust, pollen, dander, or other debris. The latest and most popular geothermal heat pumps are paired with advanced filtration and purification technologies. As such, even if efficiency isn’t your top priority when shopping for a new heater, these units could still be the best choice.

Why Geothermal Heat Pumps Are the Most Efficient Heating Systems
Geothermal heat pumps can cut home heating bills by as much as 70%. These systems draw upon naturally existing heat within the earth. Rather than burning fuel to produce heat, they simply transfer heat that’s already available. As such, these systems do not produce any greenhouse gases. More importantly, they don’t produce any carbon monoxide. This means that there’s absolutely no fear of having your heater develop dangerous gas leaks.

A Good Furnace Can Be Both Efficient and Far More Affordable
Like many homes, your house is likely set up to accommodate a furnace. Unlike heat pumps, furnaces don’t merely transfer heat. Instead, they burn fuel to produce it. Oil furnaces use non-flammable, non-explosive heating oil to generate warmth. This oil is typically stored in an underground tank or in a tank just outside of the building. Many heating oil suppliers are increasingly offering low-emissions heating oil, and some even have zero-emissions heating oil available.

Gas-fire furnaces require access to natural gas supply lines. They’re popular, economical, and they can heat homes up quickly. Electric furnaces don’t have a direct impact on the natural environment as they don’t directly produce emissions. They’re an excellent choice for households that are looking for environmentally-friendly heating solutions. However, as energy prices rise and fall, these systems can sometimes be quite costly to use.

No matter what your budget is or what the layout of your home may be, we can help you find the most energy-efficient heating solution for your winter needs. At HBHome Service Team, we’re known for providing affordable, reliable HVAC services all throughout Central PA and the greater Baltimore, MD, area. We also provide plumbing services, and oil and propane delivery. Get in touch with us today to set up an appointment for service.