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It’s easy to forget to change your furnace’s air filter. However, doing so is a big mistake with some big and possibly expensive consequences. Most furnace manufacturers recommend that your filters be cleaned or replaced every one to two months. When you don’t consistently change them, they end up filled with dust, particles and contaminants.

Higher Energy Costs

Your furnace is going to operate whether it has sufficient airflow or not. A clogged air filter prevents heated air from going into your home. Instead, it sits around the coils and then dissipates out into whatever area the furnace is in, often the garage or basement. A dirty air filter results in your home not being warmed properly, causing the heater to continually run. You end up paying a lot more on your electricity or natural gas bill while seeing none of the benefits.

Health Issues

A clogged air filter isn’t able to trap contaminants like it is supposed to. This means the contaminants end up in the air that you, your family and your guests breathe. Short term, this can result in itchy eyes and throats, headaches and dizziness. Long term, it can aggravate respiratory and heart disease.

Early Death of Your Furnace

An electric furnace can last for 30 years while a natural gas furnace can last for 25 years. They have to work harder when trying to force air through a clogged air filter. This means their lifespan is much shorter due to overwork. An air filter usually costs less than $40. A furnace can cost $4,000 to $12,000. Spending a little to save a lot makes all the sense in the world.

The HVAC Specialists to Call

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