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Here in the heart of Central Pennsylvania we often overlook the importance of our indoor air quality because we’re busy paying so much attention to outdoor air quality. Pollen, mold, ragweed…we get the daily reports, rub our eyes, blow our noses, and sneeze our way through the seasons, but what many don’t understand is how important it is to control these contaminants inside our homes where we spend most of our time.

To help you better understand indoor air quality, its impact on your health, and steps you can take to help you breathe better at home, we’ve collected online resources from some reputable authorities on indoor air quality. We invite you to use the links below to explore topics related to indoor air quality, and we encourage you to call us at 717-232-4328 or request an appointment to get advice on addressing your indoor air quality needs.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Resources
Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

This resource explains the basics of indoor air quality, including immediate and long-term effects of poor indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality House Tour

This resource provides a room-by-room overview of common household contaminants and how to address them.


 Control Indoor Allergens to Improve Air Quality

This resource discusses common indoor allergens and steps you can take to reduce or eliminate allergens around your home.

Allergy Facts and Figures

This resource provides statistics on the number of people affected by allergies, as well as common indoor and outdoor allergens and the cost of treating allergies.