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In some northern parts of the country, it can become dangerously cold over the next few months. Unfortunately, there are times when a heating emergency may occur and your heating system could fail. It’s vital that you know what to do during such a time in order to remain safe.

Close your doors 

When you notice that your heating system has broken down, close the doors to the rooms you are not using at the moment. This way, you can retain the available heat in the rooms where you’ll spend the most time. Consider sticking to two or three rooms in your house, especially if you’re relying on another heating source until your main system is repaired.

Check for weird smells

Make sure you do not detect any strange smells, such as rotten eggs or something else out of the norm. A strange smell could indicate a gas leak, which means you’ll want to contact a professional as soon as possible and leave the home to ensure your safety. Always have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home so leaks are detected as early as possible.

Prep water faucets

If it’s below freezing, you run the risk of your pipes freezing. In order to avoid this problem, turn your faucets on so a small amount of water is running through them. You do not need to run a lot of water, just a small amount moving through pipes can prevent them from freezing and leaving you with costly repairs.

Dress in layers

While you’re waiting for your house to warm up from other sources or for your heating system to be repaired, dress in layers. It can quickly get cold in your home without a heating system so stay as warm as possible by putting on several thick layers.

Start cooking

If you’ve been planning on baking or using your oven to make dinner, now is the time to start that. Your oven releases a lot of heat and will help keep your kitchen warm while it’s on. As you use your oven, you’ll warm up part of the house and get the added benefit of staying warm yourself. Having the oven running can also help avoid pipes freezing in the kitchen.

Utilize alternative heat sources

It’s good to always be prepared, so make sure you have alternative heat sources in case your primary heating system ever fails. Invest in a few quality space heaters that can be used in rooms you’ll be spending most of your time in. If your house has a functional fireplace, always have wood stocked up and any other supplies needed to have a safe fire.

Call for service as soon as possible

As soon as you notice that your heating system is not working or seems to be running below where it should be, reach out to a service provider. Some providers, such as HB McClure, offer an emergency line for their various service areas. For those in the Harrisburg area, you can call 717-232-4328 for emergency service.

A great way to avoid a heating emergency is to reach out to a local service provider to schedule a service call to ensure that your heating systems is optimally performing at the beginning of the season before it gets too cold.