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Equipment Installation - Hot Water Heater

Usually, you don’t know that you need a new hot water heater until it’s too late. You turn on the water….and only cold comes out. (Usually when you are running late or have company or over the holidays.)

But sometimes there are warning signs that can help prevent an emergency.

  1. Check the body of the water heater for corrosion. Check the tubes and and piping that connect to the water heater. If you see any obvious signs of wear or corrosion, call a plumber for a formal plumbing inspection.
  2. Check for small leaks. Just because you don’t have a pool of water around your water heater does not mean you don’t have a leak. Look carefully for very small signs of water leakage, including signs of water that may have dried.
  3. The age of your water heater also matters. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t always apply to our major household appliances. A water heater that is more than 8 years old is likely to be highly inefficient, costing you hundreds in utility and water bills each year.

A thorough plumbing inspection may tell you if you really need a new hot water heater, or how long your current heater may survive. If it’s time for a new one, now is your time to honestly consider your daily usage and find ways to reduce your long-term costs. Fall is a great time to have your hot water heater inspected. During the holidays, plumbers in central PA can get pretty busy with clogged pipes and burst pipes!

At H.B. McClure, we hope you’re in hot water all year long!