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Upgrading a home is always in the back of a homeowner’s mind. How can I make it more impressive? How can I add utilities for easier living? How can I lessen my home’s environmental impact? One place that is often overlooked in this regard is the bathroom. While the bathroom might seem like a fairly simple place with a toilet, sink and shower, it has so much potential for improvement. The best bathrooms are impressive at their core and bring along a number of benefits for you and your family. Let’s take a look at the benefits of bathroom upgrades.

Better Showers

One excellent place to start upgrading in your bathroom is the shower. Your shower might be functional at the moment, providing warm showers on demand. However, there are many ways to upgrade it, starting with the shower head. Advanced shower heads can release water in thin streams that sooth the skin or thick streams that clean your body to perfection. Sometimes you want to enjoy a quick shower and sometimes you just want to relax. These shower heads give you the best of both worlds. By upgrading the shower, cleaning yourself and getting ready for bed is made easier and more enticing. Shower curtains are another popular target to upgrade. High quality curtains minimize the chance of slipping and also contain all the water in the shower area. We’ve all heard of accidents in the bathroom, so safety is a number one priority.

Washing Hands

Washing your hands is meant to be a quick and easy process. Your sink helps you to achieve this. Between a strong stream of water and a bottle of soap, you can wash your hands and move on with your day. A quality sink will provide a strong stream of water that is hot or cold on demand. Newer models of sinks also have a special place for a soap dispenser that doesn’t get in the way of other things. While this might seem like a minor upgrade, a better sink really does make it easier to take care of your hygiene for the sake of your health. Upgrading the sink also makes it easier to figure out clogs in the drain. Old piping is notoriously difficult to take apart and restore. Upgrading the entire sink contraption allows you to take it apart at a moment’s notice and remove any soap suds or dirt that is stuck in the pipe.

Impress Guests

An incredible bathroom is sure to impress guests when they come over. After all, everyone needs to use the bathroom at some point during their visit, and you want it to look as inviting as possible. An upgraded bathroom is extremely clean overall. In addition, it doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear from years of use. This isn’t to say that you need to convert your bathroom into a magnificent, entertaining place. It just needs to be completely sanitary and welcoming for any user. If you have executives over for a business meeting, you are sure to tidy up the house and bring out your best rugs. Similarly, an upgraded bathroom will show off your fine taste and attention to detail.

More Privacy

An upgraded bathroom also leads to increased privacy. Older bathrooms often follow older styles of doors and locks. Over time, these installments tend to break down and not hold up as well as they once did. Maybe the lock isn’t particularly secure. Maybe the door’s hinges are squeaking, and there are slight gaps at the base of the door. By repairing all of the above, you ensure privacy for the bathroom’s user. Although this is a home bathroom and not a stall in a public restroom, it’s always nice to feel safe when you close and lock the door. When you upgrade your bathroom, you’ll be able to choose the specific type of material and style of door and lock. At the end a long day, you’ll be able to take a shower or bath in complete privacy.

More Sunlight

A very common upgrade to a bathroom is the inclusion of natural light. This can be from a window that allows the bathroom to connect to the outdoors. When you raise the blinds, a ton of sunlight floods into the bathroom. Another popular upgrade is the installation of a skylight. Positioned on the ceiling of the bathroom, this opening is a great way to make things brighter in the most natural way possible. Of course, for both of these options, the bathroom needs to be located in an accessible position. If the bathroom is located in the heart of your home, there’s not much you can do to let in sunlight. However, if positioning does allow for a skylight or window, it’s a fantastic way to brighten things up on a daily basis with little to no maintenance.

Environmental Impact

All of the above upgrades are environmentally friendly, as well. When you upgrade a faucet or shower head, you’re using newer technology. This means that there is less of a chance for dropping or leakage. You’re conserving water simply by upgrading your equipment. Similarly, brightening the room via natural sunlight is much more eco-friendly than a light switch. During the daytime, you might not need to turn the lights on at all if you live in a sunny area. Only at night will you need to use electricity. At the end of the month, you’ll definitely notice a difference in your electricity and water bill. Experts believe that eco-friendly options can reduce up to a third of the figure on your bill. In essence, you’re paying much less for resources while still reaping the same benefits in your bathroom. Moreover, you’re simply doing a good deed for the environment. By reducing your carbon footprint, you’re one step closer to an ideal citizen who takes nothing more than what is needed.

Upgrading Your Bathroom

In conclusion, there are many benefits to bathroom upgrades. It leads to an overall cleaner look for your home and increases the privacy available to the user. You can, of course, try to tidy it up on your own, and if parts of the bathroom need repair, you can likely fix these things with a set of tools from your garage. However, for large scale upgrades, you’ll want to contact a professional service.

In 2020, homeowners are turning to more grandiose upgrades than ever before. We’re up to date with all of these suggestions and will prescribe the best upgrades for your bathroom. At the same time, we’re aware that you don’t want to break your budget over a couple of minor details in your bathroom. Our services are some of the most comprehensive you will ever find. Simply put, HB Home Service Team, is your friend for all things bathroom-related in your Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland home. We offer other services such as heating, cooling, plumbing, ventilation installation, retrofits and fuel oil maintenance. Give us a call today and be amazed by all the possibilities for your bathroom!

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