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Choose these Water Conditioning System Enhancements to Improve Water Quality and Efficiency

Water Softening and Purification

Water Softener Advantages Benefits: Softening hard water not only feels better on your skin, it reduces various expenses such as soaps and cleaners (up to 70% per year), hot water heating (up to 27% per year) and fabric replacements (linens last up to 30% longer). You feel better, your dishes, skin and fabrics look better and your costs go down.

Consider it when: The effect of your hard water is noticeable including spots on dishes and glasses; bathroom and kitchen fixtures are hard to clean or extra dry skin does not respond to routine moisturizing.

Water Softener – A virtually comprehensive system that includes brine well, safety float, top and bottom distributors, and gravel unbedding.

Reverse Osmosis – Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems purify your water on demand and provide better tasting beverages and healthier, high-quality water.

Ultraviolet Sterilizers – Ultraviolet disinfection systems are designed to meet potable water requirements. This will safely destroy most waterborne disease-causing micro-organisms, providing you with high-quality, purified water.

Water Filtration

Water Filtration SystemBenefits: Whole-house water filtration removes chlorine and harmful chemicals from all water sources and improves water quality for all water uses (bathing, cleaning, laundering, drinking)

Consider it when: Health concerns or a desire to improve water quality overall determine that a whole-house filtration system is your best option.

Whole House Big Blue HFPP-20 – The 20 micron filter is versatile enough to meet all filtration needs including high flow and heavy sediment applications. Other options are available.

Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System

Hot Water Recirculation System Benefits: Hot water instantly. No more wasting water by running the tap, waiting for hot water. Reduce water and heating costs.

Consider it when: Energy savings or water savings are important issues for your home and family.

Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation System –  Eliminate cold water runoff at the faucet using a bypass value and pump with a timer to control water flow. Hot water is instantly available at sinks, appliances and bathroom faucets with easy-to-use Model UP15-10SU7PTLC. Includes a 24-hour programmable timer to make hot water available during peak demand times such as early in the morning and in the evening.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pump Installation Benefits: Keeping a dry basement is a challenge for some home owners. Avoid damage with a reliable Zoeller® sump pump.

Consider it when: You have already incurred damage from a plumbing or storm-related emergency, are prone to water infiltration during storms, or are seeking peace of mind and added protection for your home.

ZOELLER® Sump Pump – HB McClure can install a reliable Zoeller® sump pump. We can install a pre-assembled battery back-up version that holds its charge for up to 7.5 hrs of continuous operation. This unit can serve as a second stage pump while providing extra protection should you experience a power outage.

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