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Routine maintenance is part of home ownership, and one thing you definitely don’t want to overlook is your air conditioner. As the weather warms up, you’ll be relying on your HVAC to keep things cool and comfortable inside.

If your system is running correctly, then when is the right time to book a tune-up? Do you really need to service your air conditioner every year, or should you save money and only call a professional when there’s a problem?

The general recommendation for AC tune-ups is annually, but that may change depending on your circumstances. Below are three times you’ll definitely want to pick up the phone and schedule a service call with HB McClure Company in Harrisburg.

When You Hear a Strange Sound

Rattling, clanging, and screaming are never sounds that you want to hear coming from your air conditioner. If you find that your system is making inexplicable noises, then it’s time to call in a professional and have him or her take a look. Often, some of the loudest and most concerning sounds require a simple repair that can be done in a day.

When the Seasons Change

Spring is the perfect time to schedule your annual AC maintenance. After a winter of relying on your heater, your AC needs to be checked for any damage it could have sustained during months of inactivity.

During a seasonal AC tune-up, a technician will check your system to make sure that all of the ducts are sealed and that the thermostat is working properly. He or she will also thoroughly clean your system. A tune-up is the best way to prevent any damage or unexpected breakdowns during the summer when you need your AC the most.

When You Want to Improve Your Air Quality

You may find that the air in your house isn’t as fresh as it could be. air filter needs to be replaced every 90 days, but many people go much longer than that without ever opening their vents.

A quick and affordable service, air filter replacement will help make sure your home is free of dust, dirt, allergens, and other toxins that are circulating outdoors. You can also install a humidifier or additional air purification system to keep your space fresh and healthy.

Book Your Next AC Tune-Up Today

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC company in Harrisburg, PA, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact HB McClure Company today to learn more about our AC maintenance services and repairs. We can also assist with heating systems, geothermal systems, water purification, and more.