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Air conditioning units are meant to run for more than 24 hours a day. In fact, your AC can run continuously 24/7. During this time, the AC is on, but it doesn’t mean that it’s constantly running. An AC in good working condition runs for specified intervals to help cool your home. Once it has achieved the desired temperature, it can hibernate until the next cycle. The AC can run more frequently during the summer, but that’s normal. Therefore, you should rest assured that nothing in your unit will melt or get too hot when you leave your AC on. Besides, the performance of the AC doesn’t suffer when you don’t turn it off.

When Should You Turn Off Your AC?

There is a lot of conflicting information about whether you need to leave your AC on or off when you’re at work. However, most manufacturers recommend you turn off your AC in a few instances. The first is when you plan to open your windows. Opening your windows can help boost indoor air quality. Therefore, you can turn off the AC to conserve energy. On the other hand, you can turn off the AC when the weather doesn’t require the AC to be on.

If you turn off the AC, it will consume a lot of energy when turning on. Therefore, if you plan on leaving the house for a while, you should adjust the thermostat instead. It helps keep the house cool without adding unnecessary wear and tear to the AC.

Tips to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

After knowing that your AC can keep on running 24/7, it’s advisable to do everything to keep it in the best conditions. One of the critical things to do is proper maintenance. It can help the unit last longer and ensure that it serves you ideally through the hot summer months. Here are all the best tips on keeping your AC running smoothly.

Frequent Inspections

Working closely with AC specialists can help your AC run for longer. Professional inspections ensure that the AC runs perfectly. Besides, a professional can identify any issues when conducting periodic maintenance. This ensures that there won’t be extensive wear and tear on the unit’s parts. Forming a relationship with a reputable specialist means that you always get to enjoy the best AC help at a reasonable price.

Air Filter Replacement

Your AC filter ought to be amongst the top things to factor in the maintenance. The filter helps keep the air clean and ensures that the unit doesn’t get choked with debris and dirt. A clear AC can perform efficiently and live longer. To keep your unit running longer, it’s advisable to change the AC every three months. You can also make the change at the beginning of summer. On the other hand, if you use a reusable filter, you should give it a good cleaning at least every month. This will help your CA run better and improve the air quality.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

At the beginning of summer, take time to clean the outdoor unit. If the unit is dirty or surrounded by debris, your AC won’t run efficiently. Clear all the dirt around the unit and check for anything covering up the condenser coils. If left as is, your AC will work harder to cool your home, meaning that it will run longer. You can opt to call a specialist to do this for you or check to see what your manufacturer recommends to use when cleaning. After this, the outdoor unit should be in a clean area, free of any obstruction. This keeps the entire unit clean and allows it to function perfectly.

Check the Thermostat

Most people forget to check their thermostats when conducting AC maintenance. However, if the thermostat isn’t working perfectly, the AC might be working harder than necessary. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your thermostat works perfectly. Turn the unit to cool and ensure that only cool air is coming through the vents. If you notice hot air coming from the vents, you should call a specialist. Furthermore, if you’ve been planning on upgrading your thermostat, the beginning of a season of the perfect time. Programmable digital thermostats will be more flexible, ensuring that your unit stays efficient.

Reputable Heating and Cooling Specialists

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