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One of the key frustrations of the winter holiday season is cranking up the heat on your thermostat only to find out that your heater is not working. This may prompt you to make frantic efforts to troubleshoot and to repair your HVAC equipment. Most heating repairs are caused by the following major problems.

1. Electrical Malfunctions

The entire heater system is electrically powered and connected. Sometimes, the electrical connections may go bad as a result of short circuits or even a simple reason, such as a blown fuse. Troubleshooting electrical malfunctions when doing heating repairs requires some technical expertise as provided by experts from the HB McClure Company.

2. Clogged Pipes

The heating furnace is normally configured such that the heat exchanger has to be working properly for the heater to work. Instances where pipes delivering air to the heater get clogged or experience an impaired airflow often lead to an immediate stalling of the heater. Checking the pipes for consistency when it comes to airflow allows you to diagnose clogged pipes appropriately.

3. Unusual Noises

A good HVAC system should run relatively silently. Situations where the operation of the heater causes accompanying noises, such as clanging, squealing, and banging, could be an indication of a developing problem within various components. A rattling sound, for example, may indicate that the compressor or blower could be starting to fail.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

You may find out that your energy bills are increasing by the month. This could indicate a serious problem with your heater. For example, it could mean that the heater is consuming more than the necessary energy yet is achieving little or no noticeable air conditioning effect.

Troubleshooting these and more causes of heating problems in your HVAC equipment can be quite a nightmare, especially if you rely on DIY techniques. At HB McClure, we specialize in the provision of competent HVAC installation, repair, and tune-up services. We take pride in providing extensive HVAC services to residential and commercial premises within central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Our experts are always on standby to handle any of your HVAC complications, including heating repairs and equipment breakdowns. Contact us today!