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Every homeowner encounters clogged or slow drains and sewers at some point. Grease, debris, and other minerals can build up in your pipeline over time. Additionally, other materials can get stuck in toilets and drains. Just like there are so many ways in which your pipe can get clogged, there are countless methods that you can use to fix the problem.

However, none of those solutions compares to hydro jetting. This method uses highly pressurized water to break up and to remove sludge and grease from drainage pipes. A plumber will always conduct a video inspection first to know the cause of the problem and to determine the areas of damaged pipes. Here are seven benefits that show why you should use hydro jetting to unclog your pipes.

1. Very Versatile

Most homeowners think that technicians can only use hydro jetting for commercial jobs. However, it’s also useful in fixing residential plumbing issues. Plumbers using this method can do jobs of all sizes. It can handle clogs that you can’t remove by snaking, such as grease and sludge build up in a residence.

Are tree roots blocking your plumbing system? Is your kitchen sink clogged due to food remains going down the drain? Worry less. You can effectively fix your plumbing issues through hydro jetting. Additionally, you can safely use this method on all types of pipes, including:

  • Steel pipes
  • Cement sewer lines
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Clay pipes
  • Resin-based pipelines

Particles such as mud, soap, and sand pass through the pipes. All of these substances can leave behind residue and, when not properly cleaned, can lead to build up and blockage. Hydro jetting clears out all the debris and keeps the pipes clean for a long time. With a powerful blast of highly pressurized water, you can clear out even a severe factory clog.

Because you use your plumbing system frequently, bacteria can easily develop on the inside. This can lead to odd smells, health issues, and general unpleasantness. With hydro jetting, these effects won’t be problems anymore. Hydro jetting can help you address your issues and leave your pipes clean and fresh.

2. Non-Invasive

Often when you have an issue with your sewer line, plumbers may need to dig a trench to access the pipes. This can be time consuming and expensive, and it could cause a mess. However, hydro jetting allows you to use a non-invasive procedure where you won’t have to dig up your garden to access the clogged pipelines. You can easily access the pipes through the cleanout.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Although hydro jetting uses a lot of water, it isn’t as environmentally damaging as other methods. Because you’ll only use pressurized water, this technique is a green technology that causes no harm to the environment. The lack of chemicals in hydro jetting means that even the people staying near lakes or rivers can use it.

Some might think the amount of water used during hydro jetting is an environmental waste. That’s not the case. Compared to chemical procedures used in other techniques, this non-invasive approach is much more environmentally friendly.

4. Highly Effective

Conventional plumbing procedures can clear out blockages, but some of the material will remain in the pipe. The residue left behind by traditional plumbing methods can build up, causing slow draining or even another clog. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, will effectively clear out all the traces of clogs and debris.

Believe it or not, there isn’t any obstruction that hydro jetting can’t remove. It easily washes away the most stubborn blockages, allowing the water to flow smoothly. The high level of pressure is more than enough to tackle even the smallest dust particle.

With hydro jetting, you can easily access the hard-to-reach places. It’s common for older homes to have a plumbing system that’s either hard to navigate or fragile. The flexibility of hydro jetting allows your plumber to handle your fragile pipes without damaging them in the process.

5. Faster and More Sanitary

Unclogging a pipe isn’t a very clean job. Your professional plumber will have to do all the dirty work of getting waste out of your plumbing system. However, sanitation is still important.

If you’re using traditional plumbing methods, there’s a high chance of sewage and debris coming into contact with your plumber as well as your home and the surrounding environment.

On the other hand, hydro jetting is a faster method, meaning your plumber will spend less time unclogging the pipes and less contact with sewage. This makes it hard for the contaminants to spread throughout your home.

6. Prevents Future Clogs

In almost every case involving pipe lining or section point repair, hydro jetting serves as a vital first procedure. Lining material can’t be applied when residuals are coating the inside walls of your pipe. This shows how efficient hydro jetting is in cleaning clogged pipes.

While this process is an important first step in pipe lining, it’s even more beneficial as a preventive care application. Using hydro jetting to remove clogs during their early stages can help you avoid costly pipe damages.

Leaving minor clogs unattended can cause plumbing system failures in a short time. In this case, proactive hydro jetting can help you resolve minor issues before they worsen. This can be helpful, especially when moving into a new home.

Through the video inspection, a plumber can point out any potential issue with your pipe. This prevents future clogs from building up inside your drain.

7. Cost Effective and Long Lasting

Homeowners tend to use liquid drain cleaners anytime they discover a clogged pipe. Unfortunately, this only works for a short time. Your plumbing system will still block, forcing you to buy another cleaning product.

Generally, hydro jetting costs more upfront than other cleaning procedures. However, it’s a surefire way of clearing out your entire plumbing system and not just a part of it. You won’t need to call in your plumber anytime soon since the chances of an immediate re-clog are minimal.

In addition to being cost effective, hydro jetting offers long-lasting results. Since highly pressurized water passes through your pipes, it’s more difficult for grime and debris to build up. This means you’ll only clean your pipes less often, and your plumbing system will work more efficiently for a longer period.

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