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Preventative Maintenance - Plumbing and ElectricalIt’s easy to overlook the health of our plumbing or electrical systems. Turn on a faucet, flip a light switch. If water streams out or the light comes on, we don’t give it a second thought. Even if something goes wrong, it’s usually minor. Fix it and forget it.

But maintaining electrical and plumbing systems to keep them operating at peak efficiency — and safely– is just as important as HVAC maintenance.

Unattended plumbing systems can eventually cause big problems. Corroded pipes, slow leaks, old hot water heaters can lead to expensive breakdowns or even disasters.

Worse is uninspected electrical systems. Here, you may have serious hidden dangers or high energy costs that could be reduced with a few simple electrical fixes. Are your outlets properly grounded?  Is the main wire to your home secure? Was your electrical system safely installed or hastily done?

H.B. McClure has affordable plumbing inspections and electrical inspections for central PA homeowners.

Only $120 per inspection per year (renewing contracts) can provide year-round peace of mind. No obligation to spend more.

Don’t ignore the health of your plumbing system. You could soon be under water. And ignoring your wiring could result in a big shock.

Get an inspection. Get peace of mind.