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At HB McClure, we provide residential and commercial HVAC services in Harrisburg, PA, and surrounding areas. We also provide a wide range of supplementary services and products, including generators, geothermal, water purification and more. As part of our general services, we remove old equipment from your home that is no longer needed. But what happens to the old equipment we remove from homes? Well, it depends on the condition of the equipment. Here are some of the choices we have available.


In many cases, a piece of equipment may be inoperable “as-is.” It may be so outdated or damaged that it’s not worth it to the homeowner to have it repaired. However, many items still have some working parts that can be salvaged. These parts can be removed from the equipment, inspected and refurbished, and then used to repair a piece of comparable equipment. The remaining parts of the equipment that is not salvageable would then be recycled according to its material.


Sometimes a piece of equipment is such bad condition that there are no working parts, and there is nothing left of value except the material itself. Make no mistake, though. Materials like aluminum, steel and metal alloys are very much worth it to be recycled. It takes a lot of money and manpower to mine these metals from the earth. Anytime these materials can be recycled and placed back into production is very important. Even if a piece of equipment is in terrible shape, it never goes into the landfills if we can help it.


Sometimes a homeowner simply upgrades or updates things like faucets or other equipment. When these are still in good working order, they are donated to charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. There is always a good, new home for a functional piece of equipment!

HB McClure & the Community

At HB McClure, we ensure that every piece of equipment we remove from your home is taken care of in an environmentally respectful way. We appreciate your business and work hard to be a partner you can trust. Please contact us today at 717-232-4328 to learn more.