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At HB McClure, we understand that the residents of Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas are under a lot of stress. While many things are shut down as people stay at home, HVAC systems continue to run, and they also continue to break down. To help people keep their HVAC system operating smoothly during this pandemic crisis, we’re proud to offer no contact services. This will make it safer to have a technician come to your home and perform a repair or replacement. The best interests of our customers are always considered.

Our No-Contact Process

When you have a situation that needs immediate attention, our friendly office staff members will make it easy to schedule with us. We’ll take all of the information we need about the job so that we can send a prepared technician to handle it. We will set up an appointment time, and you can trust us to show up to your home punctually. We continue to be open and honest with our pricing, and we’ll give you a remote estimate for a job before we arrive at your home.

Our technicians will arrive in trucks that are fully stocked with the parts and tools they’ll need for any repair or replacement job. They’ll give you a call when they arrive, and you’ll be able to tell them which door they can use to access your home. You’ll be able to isolate yourself and anyone else in the house in a separate space while we work.

If you don’t answer your phone when our technicians call, they’ll knock on your door. They’ll wait a safe distance back while you answer and give you time to prepare your home for them to enter.

Our technicians will keep you informed about how a job is progressing without coming into close contact with you or anyone else in the household. You’ll be able to ask any questions about a project.

When our technician is done with an installation or repair, they’ll clean up and sanitize their work area and leave through the same door they entered. They’ll give you a call letting you know that the job is done and that you can lock up your house after them. They’ll make sure that you’re happy with all of their results and that everything is working properly.

Safety Precautions

Our technicians will take all of the precautions needed to keep both you and your home safe during a job. Staff will wear both face masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of germs while we’re in your house. Everything will be cleaned up and wiped down to minimize the transmission of disease. We want people to have a high level of peace of mind when we’re working in their homes.

To keep your property protected, we’ll wear booties whenever we’re inside. You can rely on us to treat all of your belongings with a high level of care.

Hassle-Free Services

HB McClure is committed to getting each repair or installation job in Harrisburg done right the first time. We’ll make sure that everything is fully functional so that you don’t have to have a technician back to your property to deal with the issue again. Our goal is to work efficiently from start to end in order to complete jobs promptly.

To ensure lasting results, we’ll work with high-quality parts. During this difficult time in history, we want to make it easy to use our HVAC services. We understand how important a comfortable house is during this time.

With our experience, we can help you keep the air in your home clean in order to reduce the spread of disease. We can offer advice on air purifiers and other options you have for removing viruses and bacteria from the air before they can infect you or your family.

Schedule With Us Today

HB McClure is proud to offer comprehensive heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Harrisburg. We offer flexible financing options for installations if our customers have approved credit. 24/7 services are available for emergencies. We can work with propane, geothermal systems, ductless mini-split systems, water conditioning systems, humidity control, indoor air filtration, backup generators, well tanks and pumps, and sewer and water lines. We also offer duct cleaning and bathroom remodeling services.

To find out more about how we could help with your job in Harrisburg, give HB McClure a call today.