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Residential Plumbing Repairs - Harrisburg

Plumbing repairs in Harrisburg can be a difficult subject for homeowners. In particular, water leaks, such as those under slabs, can be the source of headaches for many homeowners. At HB McClure, we value the opportunity to assist our customers with remedying their issues with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and their electrical needs. The following are easy ways to isolate an underground water leak, so that a professional plumber, such as those employed by HB McClure can easily fix the pipe.

Enlist the Services of a Licensed Professional

The easiest way to find an under slab water leak is to hire a professional, such as our team at HB McClure. We have electronic devices that can help your pinpoint running water and heat, for leaks associated with hot water. Devices, such as electronic amplifiers and electromagnetic pipeline locators enable us to locate and fix under slab leaks in a few hours.

Locating the Leak without Professional Assistance

If you insist on locating the leak yourself before we arrive at the premises, there are a few things you can do to isolate the leak. Of course, if you are not familiar with repairing water leaks, then demolition and pipe repair should be completed by a licensed professional.

Look for loose soil. This is one of your first steps you should take, so that you can determine whether the leak is on the inside or outside of your home. Using a metal pole, take jabs in the soil around your home in order to find the area that is softer than other areas in your lawn. When you locate the area that is easy to jab you are very close to the source of your leak.

Look for fixtures with low pressure. Depending on the location of your water leak, you can use the knowledge of how pipes are routed to assess the water pressure coming from your fixtures.  If you are able to locate a fixture with water pressure issues, then you can determine what area of your home is affected by the water leak without busting up your flooring.

Listen for running water. Running water will help you narrow down your search for the leaky pipe. In order to listen without distractions, unplug everything in your home within the general area. With everything unplugged, you will be able to hear the sound of rushing water coming from the pipe.

All of these strategies will help you locate or isolate a certain area where your pipes are leaking. These are simple ways to reduce the amount of labor you pay for when you enlist the services of a licensed plumber at HB McClure.

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