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iComfort Smart ThermostatGet Your Home Comfort Under Control with a Lennox iComfort® Smart Thermostat

You trust HB McClure to take care of your home’s heating and cooling needs, and we trust Lennox to supply the best thermostat products to enhance your HVAC system.

HB McClure supplies and installs Lennox’s complete line of iComfort® Smart Thermostats that are designed to help you get the best performance from your heating and cooling equipment. Each thermostat is compatible with a dedicated app that allows you to control settings from your mobile device.

Lennox iComfort Smart Thermostat features* include:

  • programmable settings
  • extreme temperature change sensing
  • one-touch away mode
  • customizable reminders
  • Schedule IQ™ adapts to changes in your routine
  • Allergen Defender turns on fan to circulate indoor air when outdoor pollen levels are high
  • Smart Away™ uses your mobile phone’s GPS to detect when you leave and adjust temperature

*Features vary by model.

Start getting the best performance from your heating and cooling equipment today.

Contact your HB McClure trusted advisor to help you select the Lennox iComfort Smart Thermostat that best suits your home comfort needs.

Call us today at 717-745-1177 to schedule an appointment.