tracking pixel Best of Both Worlds: Pairing a Heat Pump with an Air Purification System
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By pairing a heat pump with a home air purification system, you can enjoy lower energy bills and breathe better through a unique combination of benefits.

Start with a Heat Pump…

On average, about half of a home’s energy costs are attributable to heating and cooling, so it’s no wonder homeowners are always on the lookout for an HVAC system that offers greater efficiency. One system that has become a popular choice is the heat pump. Unlike traditional forced air heating and air conditioning systems, this system works by transferring heat, not by producing it. It collects ambient heat from the air and moves the heat into a space to warm it or out of a space to cool it. By transferring existing heat instead of creating it, this system is inherently more efficient and does not rely on fuel to operate. Instead, it operates on electricity to move the air into or out of the home.

To address colder climates where the temps dip below freezing, a heat pump is often paired with a secondary forced-air system. When temperatures are above freezing, the system uses the pump for heating and cooling needs. When temperatures fall below freezing, the system switches to forced-air (typically an oil or gas furnace) to generate heat. So, even if you live in a colder climate, you can still cut energy costs.

Add an Air Purification System…

So, what about breathing better?

That’s where the air purification system comes in. This system can be added to your HVAC system to address pollutants that circulate throughout your entire home by using hospital-grade filtration that combines three levels of air purification. First, the air moves through a pleated media filter to remove airborne particles. Then, the airstream flows over a UVA light, which activates a catalyst to kill germs and break down chemicals and odors. This combination significantly reduces all three types of indoor air pollutants:

  • Airborne (pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander) – 99.9% down to .3 microns
  • Germs/bacteria (viruses, MERSA, flu, cold) – 90% down to .01 microns
  • Chemical odors/vapors (pet and cooking odors, cleaning products, tobacco smoke) – 50%

An air purification system is a must-have for families with breathing sensitivities, but even homeowners who do not have allergies or asthma can appreciate the benefits of cleaner, healthier air.

Get Greater All-Around Home Comfort

As you can see, there are a number of home heating, cooling, and indoor air quality systems that can make your home not only more efficient but also healthier and more comfortable year-round. To find out which systems would work best for your home and family needs, talk with a trusted advisor from HB McClure and be sure to ask about our current rebates and offers on home heating and indoor air quality products. We serve homes in Harrisburg, York, and surrounding Central Pennsylvania areas. Call us today at 717-232-4328 or request an appointment online.