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High-Quality Furnace Service in York, Pennsylvania

High Quality Furnace Service in York PAFounded in 1914, HB McClure has been providing furnace service in York, Pennsylvania, for over 100 years.

Get Ready for Winter in York With Furnace Repair

Winter is right around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing. Your furnace or boiler most likely will need seasonal maintenance. With regular furnace service in York, you can keep your heating system operating well throughout the colder months.

Among our other services, we can do the following:

  • Perform new installations: If you need a new heating system for your home in York, we can install a heat pump or a gas or an oil furnace.
  • Perform routine maintenance: The York area occasionally receives blizzards. To help you prepare for such a storm, we will come over and fill up your gas or oil furnace so that you have adequate heat in your home to wait out the storm.
  • Maintain the boiler: Proper maintenance can keep your boiler working like new. Our technicians will perform checkups, and if a problem is identified, they will let you know of the best way it can be corrected.

Routine Furnace Service in York, Pennsylvania

Routine service not only helps your heating system work more efficiently but can also extend its longevity. If you are having trouble starting up your furnace or you need help with how to use a new one, HB McClure can assist you.

Call HB McClure today at 717-232-4328 to set up an appointment for furnace repair in York. For your peace of mind, know that we are fully licensed and insured. We’re responsive and respectful, and we are 100% employee-owned. Not looking for heating repair? We offer AC repair as well!