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HB Home Service Team offers furnace repair in Landisburg, Pennsylvania, helping families prepare for the unpredictable but often bracing Pennsylvania winters. Modern furnaces generally have a long service life, however, they do have moving parts that can fail. If you’re having issues with your heating, call a reliable furnace repair company promptly, rather than waiting until it’s cold and you’re faced with a repair emergency.

Furnace Repair for All Heating Types

An efficient furnace is not only more effective at keeping your home warm, it’ll also cost less to run. Oil and gas furnaces have been popular in Landisburg for a long time, but many newer properties have electric furnaces. These furnaces are all generally reliable but do need maintenance to keep them safe and efficient. Gas and oil burning furnaces must be kept clean and the vents free from obstruction to ensure the fuel burns cleanly, for example. While this isn’t an issue with electric furnaces, they still have vents and blower motors that would benefit from being serviced regularly.

Consider calling a local furnace repair company if:
  • Your oil or gas furnace has soot marks around a vent
  • Your pilot light is burning orange or yellow
  • Your electric furnace is tripping the circuit breaker
  • The heating won’t come on at all
  • Strange noises or smells are coming from the furnace

Most heating issues can be fixed by a trained furnace repair technician. Our heating engineers will always try to repair your furnace and will only suggest a replacement if repairs would not be cost-effective. We understand how important heating is for the comfort and well-being of you and your family, and aim to complete most repairs on the first visit.

Trusted, Effective Furnace Repair

Whether you have an oil, gas or electric furnace, HB Home Service Team can help you keep it running efficiently. If your furnace is broken or is showing signs of wear and tear, act now to get it repaired. We are a local furnace repair company that takes pride in delivering the highest quality of service, whether that’s repairing an old gas unit or fitting a new furnace in your home.

HB Home Service Team has been serving families in Pennsylvania for more than 100 years and has a solid reputation in Landisburg and the surrounding areas. We do emergency repairs as well as regular service visits. Call HB Home Service Team for all of your furnace repair needs.