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Making decisions about heating and cooling for your home can be complex. In addition to installation cost, you need to consider the type of system that best meets your home’s specifications and family’s needs. The experts at HB McClure have created a list to help you make the decision between ducted or ductless systems for your heating and cooling needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Ductless Systems vs. Ducted Systems

Ducted and ductless systems both offer some great advantages, but which is best for your home? Print this chart and your HB McClure technician will provide recommendations on which system would best fit your specific needs.

Ductless Systems


  1. Flexibility – with ceiling, wall or floor-mounted indoor units
  2. Have multiple-zone options
  3. No ductwork necessary (less intrusive and often a faster job to install)
  4. Cost-efficient long-term
  5. Inverter technology – variable capacity units precisely match the demand load and provide dehumidification
  6. Quiet  (both indoor and outdoor units)


  1. Sizing can be complex/tricky
  2. Indoor units, while small, are visible
  3. Experienced installers can be hard to find

Ducted Systems


  1. Convenient
  2. Helps to dehumidify air
  3. Great for whole-house heating & cooling
  4. Does not take up any room space


  1. Requires ductwork
  2. Installation costs can be high
  3. Can be noisy
  4. Susceptible to energy loss through ductwork

Other Considerations:

  • Home type: antique or new
  • Room type: add-on, above-garage, basement
  • Warranty or special rebates
  • Zoning and temperature control
  • Indoor air quality: dust/humidity

Heating and cooling systems are complex and need to be properly sized, designed, and installed to fit your specific needs. No matter what system you choose, make sure to select a qualified expert your HVAC installation.

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