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You shouldn’t have to be afraid of turning a doorknob or a flipping light switch in your home. However, after receiving one too many static-electricity shocks, you might think twice before letting your hand touch anything. Instead of letting fear of shocks control your actions, learn how to take control of your static-electricity problem.

Why Static Shocks Happen

The top cause of excessive static electricity in the home is that the air is too dry. This is most often a problem during the cold winter months.

Dry air turns you into a magnet for free electrons. As you walk through your home, you may gather these electrons. Then, when you touch something that conducts electricity well, such as a metal doorknob, those electrons transfer from you to the object. The result is a painful shock!

Humidifying vs. Dehumidifying Your Home

Because dry air is a breeding ground for static electricity, one of the best ways to remedy this problem is to raise the humidity level in your home. This is known as humidifying the air, and the best tool for the job is a humidifier. You can use a single-room humidifier or a whole-house humidifier.

In a properly humidified environment, electrons don’t stick to you so easily. Instead, they are more likely to slide past you.

Does this mean that you should never dehumidify your home? No, a dehumidifier can remove uncomfortable humidity from your environment, especially during hot summer months. A professional air quality team can help you learn more about balancing the humidity level in your home.

Other Ways to Reduce Shocks

To enhance the effects of a humidifier, you can place green plants around your home. Through the process of transpiration, houseplants can increase the humidity in the air.

Carpeted floors can exacerbate a static problem. Anti-static carpet sprays can help. So, too, can going barefoot on the carpet, wearing slippers with leather soles, and picking up your feet as you walk.

At HB McClure we can help improve the indoor air quality in your home. We can also provide heating and AC repairs, maintenance, and installations. To learn more about humidifying your home in the Harrisburg area, call HB McClure today!