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Do you have some places in your home that are drafty? Such areas are uncomfortable, and you do not want to increase the cost of your energy bills. You need to check if there are leaks in your home. Once you discover the source of the leaks, you can take the necessary measures and seal them, making your home efficient when it comes to energy consumption.

Where Are the Most Air Leaks Found?

Some leak spots will be easy to discover when you feel them. Doors and windows aren’t necessarily the main source of leaks in your home. You may find spots in the basement. The common sources of leaks may include plumbing vents, recessed lights, attic openings, furnace ducts, knee walls, phone lines, electrical outlets as well as basement rims.

Test for Leakage

You should wait for windy weather to test your home and air ducts for leaks. If there are appliances that create disturbances, turn them off and ensure all windows and doors are closed. In case of a fireplace, close the flue. Light an incense stick and hold it near the places you think there could be leakage. If you discover unsteady movement of smoke from the incense or the smoke is blown into the room, it is an indication you have an air leak.

How are Air Leaks Fixed?

After you have discovered the spots of air leaks in the air ducts, you can now start fixing them. If you find holes measuring a ½ inch, you can use caulk, but if you discover a large hole, you can use spray foam. Foam is the best material for large holes. In the case of doors and windows, you can use weather stripping. You can also consider installing a door sweep at the bottom of the door.

To get your air leaks detected and fixed, you should hire professionals who have experience in handling such problems. At HB McClure, we take pride in helping our clients eliminate air leaks in their Harrisburg homes. If you feel like there are air leaks in your home, contact us, and we’ll help you resolve the issue.