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Residential Plumbing - Broken Garbage Disposal

Did you know that one of the top plumbing calls between Halloween and New Year’s is for broken garbage disposal repairs and disposal replacements?

That’s right. With the holidays come overworked, overloaded and overused garbage disposals. More disposals break down under the excess wear and tear (and overstuffing) during this time of year than any other.

The good news: Most garbage disposals will last 10 to 15 years.

The bad news: Broken garbage disposals are not always an easy DIY project and often require assistance from a professional plumber.

If you find yourself without a working disposal and it’s time to get a new garbage disposal, you’ll need to evaluate the following considerations in addition to horsepower: how frequently will the unit be used? How will it connect to the dishwasher? Are other features desired (such as quiet operation)? Warranty terms are also good thing to evaluate before selecting a new disposal.

What surprises some homeowners is that installation can be pretty complex. Many people purchase a disposal at a local hardware store or Big Box assuming the project is a simple remove/replace. That’s not always the case. Best practice is to hire a professional plumber (many of whom can recommend brands based on your specific uses). A professional is more likely to have both the plumbing and electrical expertise necessary to ensure safe, compliant installation.

A broken garbage disposal doesn’t have to ruin your holiday. When a breakdown occurs, call your plumber and schedule an appointment. While this may not qualify for emergency plumbing service, a trusted local plumber is likely to get you up and running in a jiffy!