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It can be frustrating for homeowners to lose electrical service for any length of time. However, it may be possible to keep interruptions to a minimum by installing a backup generator. Keeping the power on can have a variety of benefits for homeowners and their families.

Food Won’t Spoil

Meat, produce, and dairy products generally have to be kept at cold temperatures to keep them fresh and safe to consume. During periods of heat and high humidity, these and other food items can spoil within a matter of minutes or hours. While ice can help keep perishable items from going bad, it can only keep items cold for a short period of time. Your generator can produce enough power to ensure that the refrigerator or freezer runs properly.

Pipes Won’t Freeze

If the power goes out in the winter, there is a risk that pipes could freeze and burst. In some cases, that could result in a flooded basement or other forms of water damage that may not be easy to remedy during a period of inclement weather. At HB Home Service Team, we can install backup generators that provide as much power as you need to keep your home warm. We can also install and repair furnaces and other heating components to ensure that your home stays warm once the power comes back on.

Your Health Won’t Be Compromised

Individuals who need oxygen or who use other medical devices that run on electricity could be vulnerable if the power is out for an extended period of time. A backup generator can turn itself on within seconds of indicating an interruption to the main power line. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to make an emergency trip to the hospital.

If you’re in the market for a backup generator, contact HB Home Service Team. We also install geothermal and smart tools as well as offer propane delivery and services to help keep your home comfortable throughout the year.