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From clothes that cling to your body to hair that won’t lie flat, static electricity is an annoying problem. When you get zapped by a shock, static electricity becomes painful as well. If you’re sick of dealing with static, it’s time to learn how to combat this problem in your home.

Don’t Settle for Dry Air

Static is a bigger problem in the winter because of how dry the air becomes when the temperature drops.

Water conducts electricity well. When there’s plenty of moisture in the air, electrons can move freely throughout the environment. However, when there’s not enough water vapor in the air, this flow is restricted. Instead, electrons build up on certain surfaces, such as your clothes and your body.

Therefore, the secret to reducing your static troubles is to add more moisture to your indoor air. The best tool for this job is a whole-home humidifier that’s connected to the heating and cooling system in your Hershey home.

Aim for 50 Percent

If you’ve ever been outside on a muggy day, you know how oppressive excessive humidity can feel. When humidifying your home, it’s important that you find the right balance for the moisture level in the air.

Most experts suggest that your indoor air should have a relative humidity level of about 50 percent. That’s enough moisture in the air to reduce trouble with static electricity, but it’s not so high that you’ll be uncomfortable or that you’ll start to notice water droplets on all your surfaces. Mold doesn’t thrive in humidity levels this low, so it won’t cause new issues.

To achieve this relative humidity level in your home, it’s a good idea to consult the pros. A trained installation team can select the right unit for your house, set it to the correct humidification level, and teach you how to make adjustments as the seasons change.

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